Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Anyone who knows us, knows that we rarely if ever call our children by their given names. The only child who's made it under the radar so far is Aedan. In his eighteen months of life, Teagen has been known as "Mr. T," "Ti Ti," "Ta Ta," "Tuggins," "Tugules," "Tiggies," "Tigable," and just plain "T." Who knows what we'll finally land on.

Tonight I heard him say his equivalent of "Love you" to Aedan. The strangest thing he says is "Please," which doesn't sound like that at all. It's this weird from the back of the throat sound, but we all know what he's saying. "Koko" is thank you, which he rarely needs to be prompted on any more.

Quinlan took these photos of Teagen this morning. I think he felt like such a big boy. He put on Quinlan's backpack this morning and walked around the house. That thing is SO heavy! He also had snack with the preschool boys (Aedan's buddies). He sat and watched them and acted like he understood everything they were saying. He's growing up too fast.


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