Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Things on my mind

I've had a song stuck in my head all day. If you want to hear it, here it is.

I'm excited for the upcoming "Twilight" movie that's being filmed here in the Portland area just like everyone else. I have one worry that is that they will make it way too sexy like Hollywood always does. The book was just so not that way, and I think that's what made it such a good book. I have never read a book that was so hard to put down.

I decided that I was going to clean up every mess I made around the house after getting my bedroom so beautifully clean. I've been trying really hard, but today I realized that there must be something really wrong with me. I don't want to live in a perfectly perfect place. I'm afraid I'll be bored. Weird, huh? It's also funny how subtle piles creep in and build up. It's just hard when the rest of the crew doesn't feel that they have to do the same. Once they've left a mess, it's hard to narrow down just whose mess it is. The house looks pretty good toinght, but I can feel that the really clean house is slowly becoming an overwhelming mess again.

I try to write just to please myself, but I know that some of you who read this blog do a wonderful job with these things. Would you be willing to share any tips or hints you have. I would really LOVE to know what you do.

I think I have hyperactive issues. I cannot seem to focus on one thing and get it done without thinking about five other things I need to do at the same time. I noticed at church on Sunday I had a very difficult sitting in Sunday School. For the last eighteen months I've chased Teagen around and been able to get up and move around. Now that he's not in there with me any more, I can't sit still. I want to be up and running, literally. What a SPAZ!


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