Friday, April 18, 2008


Although our family has called it many things--pacifier, binkie, and eventually one of our kids dubbed it a "D" (not sure why he called it that, but I ran into one other family who had a child who called it a "D." Strange), to Teagen it has had its own unique name.

The second night in the hospital after Teagen was born, the nurses gave him a pacifier. After putting in his mouth, he said, "Aya aya aya." Since that time, we have called it an "Aya." As a small baby, he continued to say it any time it was placed in his mouth.

In the last two days, as Teagen's language has been developing more and more, a new name for a pacifier has emerged in his world. It is sadly no longer "Aya." He can't seem to say it, so it is now known as "Wa wa."


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