Monday, April 21, 2008

What Brings Me Joy

During our presidency meeting on Sunday, Trinka brought up an idea that was shared at the stake women's conference on Saturday. The entire theme was based around 2 Nephi 2:25--that we might have joy. She challenged us to consider what brings us joy, so I thought I'd come up with a short list tonight (because it's late) of what brings joy into my life. These are in no particular order.

  • Being with Zan (he always makes me laugh).

  • Being with my kids.

  • Watching my children help each other.

  • Margie - whom I visit teach.

  • Being warm (snuggled up in the blankets).
  • Conquering my fears/taking risks.

  • Self-discipline.

  • Studying the scriptures and feeling like I really get what I'm reading.

  • Helping others.

  • Chocolate (pathetic, huh?)

  • Driving - windows down, music cranked.

  • Holding Teagen.

  • Watching my kids learn new things.

  • Hanging out with friends.

  • Flowers.

  • A clean house.

  • Being creative - thinking of new ways to do things

  • That feeling after a long day, when you lay down and you just completely relax.

  • Traveling/exploring new places no matter where.

  • Fun music.

I look at this list now, and it seems quite pathetic to me. another one I could add is having all my laundry caught up. Wow! What have I become? But, it's the simple things in life that bring true joy, isn't it? I often think I'm spoiled. Maybe I'm not as bad I first assumed.


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