Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Zan started a class tonight. I guess it runs for eight weeks. He has to have a certain number of credits every few years to keep his certification current. The class is in Salem, so he leaves directly from work and returns home around 8:30pm. How spoiled I've become! I have completely taken for granted how nice it is to have my hubby return from work around 5pm and have him around to help with all the evening running with practices or to keep the kids while I run to meetings or whatever might be happening. We have spent so much of our married life with Zan's school, callings or work (but mostly a combination of all three) helping me to learn to fend for myself, but it's been so wonderful for the last number of years. I've forgotten a little bit how to run things on my own, but I now have Quinlan to help me out on the home front, which is a real blessing.

Tonight Gannon had soccer practice, and Brevin had Cub Scout pack meeting. It all worked out fine. Well, almost fine. I gave one of the kids the key to the car to grab my cell phone after I had gone with Brevin into the church. On the way back in, that child (who shall remain nameless) accidentally dropped that key into the grate in the parking lot. I went out and tried to move the grate but it wouldn't budge. Rob Beasley went out and saved the day. He said the mud beneath the grate was at least a foot deep, but they found the key, washed it off, and brought it to me. I was so relieved. The real problem is that at this point, I only have one key for that car. The other key was misplaced about two weeks ago, and I just haven't gone out to get it replaced yet.


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