Friday, April 18, 2008

Quirky Little Personal Facts

I hate wearing shoes.

If I have to wear shoes, I wear those I can get in and out of fast - no laces.

I can't stand to hear people chew.

I pick my cuticles mercilessly - genetic (believe it or not).

I don't like to feel hot breath on me (my own included).

I love it when it rains when it's sunny out.

My dream car is a Jaguar XJS convertible.

  • I don't trust people that don't smile.

  • I can fit my entire fist in my mouth.

        Monopoly is my least favorite game.

          I fear the dentist.

        I love reality TV.

        • I have eaten a cricket (not bad).

        • I love songs with creative lyrics--"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is my fave.

        • "Mulan" is my favorite Disney movie because the good guy (Shang) is such a hunk!

        I love to drive really fast.


        Tonya said...

        I love the blog make-over! I love learning these little unknowns about you too. What will we learn next?

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