Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scripture Struggle

Scripture reading has never been a tough thing for me. It has it's own rewards, but I've had a tough time recently creating quality time to read the Book of Mormon. I know that really delving in and studying helps me stay focused and happy, so I've been missing that concentrated time.

I'm really loving this blogging thing. It has helped me with another weak area--journal keeping, so I felt that if I were to combine these two things, it just might help me strengthen both areas. I also thought that if there was someone else out there who was struggling like me, they could join in and we could strengthen each other.

Although this personal blog is private and by invitation only (to protect my kids), I started http://www.thirtyminutesaday.blogspot.com/ today which is open to anybody. There are days when what I read really gets me thinking and others when I'm not so insightful. My hope is that on those less inspiring days, someone else is there to help me learn more, so I hope you'll stop in and make a comment or two.


meganconser said...

I will give your 30 minute scripture study a try Julie. I love to journal-- I have two now, my blog and my good old paper and pen. Thanks for the tip on the studying part--- somthing that I NEED TO DO BETTER ON! Love ya, me

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