Sunday, November 9, 2008


Random Quirks
Here are the rules: "MY UNSPECTACULAR QUIRKS"
1. Link to the person who tagged you

2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about you
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged

My neice, Jenny, tagged me.

Here we go:
#1. I eat one thing on my plate at a time. I always start with the thing I like the least and save the best for last. In the case of pizza, I eat it from the crust to the point--same idea, best for last.

#2. I hold my fork close to the tines, still on the handle, but not up high. Z thinks this is "cute."

#3. I hum when I enjoy what I'm eating. I didn't realize I did this until I was about sixteen and my dad mentioned it at the dinner table.

#4. When I finish laughing, I always end with a "hmm" kind of sigh. I've tried not to as Z makes fun of this, but I can't. It's kind of like a downshift.

Okay, this is getting hard. Z says I'm not a very quirky person. I think he's just gotten used to me. Q says he makes up for that in me. Must trudge forward, two more to go....

#5. My right hand is just like my mother's--freckles on the back, smaller, straight thumb (my mom was right-handed); my left hand is my father's--no freckles, longer fingers, hitchhiker thumb (my dad was left-handed).

Z's sitting here giving me ideas, but some of these I'm not ready to reveal. Ugh!

#6. I almost always wear either black or white because I don't trust my ability to match clothing. I was teased in elementary school for this by the popular girl and her friends. It left a mark. I mean how was I supposed to know that stripes on my shirt were all supposed to go the same direction as the stripes on my pants. It was the '70s. Hee hee.

Get ready....


Jeannie said...

This is for, My Unspectacular Quirks and Ho Hum and Stinky Clothes.
I thought the first one was really neat, it listed facts about you.

And for the Stinky Clothes, well weight watchers is going great for you and you look amazing!

Thats good your little game worked for you. Pretty soon your house will be as clean as you wanted it to be! As for more than half of your young womeen are moving, I wish I could stay with you! I think when Q moves up, they should move you too. Yup I will be one of those who stick close and check in from time to time, anytime you want to hang, you got my number!!
As for the landry, we had to go to the landry mat a while ago too, but I don't remember what for. I think it might be best to have someone come check it out, or have Z do what he wanted to do.

Infinite Love!

Emilie said...

OK ... I'm dying of curiosity to know who the popular girl was who said that to you. (But if you don't want to name names, I understand.)

Carr Lot said...

Yay Julie!! I am so very impressed!! I remember the humming while eating...your kids do it to, don't they? : )

Thanks for playing!!!
Love you!

CNHGustad said...

Thanks a lot Julie! I hope I did the link right..I don't think I did I am still new at this..SO, that is another quirk of mine..haha..

vaxhacker said...

Heh. stripes on shirt and pants? Sounds like the 70s to me. or the 60s. Both are a bit of a blur now :)


you are so funny!!!! and back in the 70s i think it was acceptable to wear stripes going in any & all directions!!! ♥

Unknown said...

I save my favorite part of the meal for last. When I was a kid I would get so mad at my sisters- I would have a neat little pile of pepperoni on my plate(I don't pick it off anymore), or a bowl full of only marshmellow charms(Its hard to pick out the non-marshmellow ones first)- and one of them would always come over and take the pile or a big spoon full of mellows- my mom had no idea why I was so upset, and I don't think I explained to her what I was doing-- it just liked doing that and felt good about it. Until sisters spoiled all the fun! lol. Thanks for the memories.

Tonya said...

I'm late in finding this, but I am on it soon:0)That was a fun read!

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