Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Associations with Others

I taught the YW lesson today to two Mia Maids--count 'em, two. The birthdays hit hard this month. The Laurel class is up to 19--where we were last year--and we're down to four.

I really enjoyed this lesson and think anyone can benefit from its message.

We emphasized the fact that we are here on earth to be with, learn from and benefit from our interactions with others. We need to have other people in our lives but everyone can work on making their relationships with others more meaningful. So, I post these things here for anyone who could benefit. I just felt that I gained a lot from studying to teach this lesson.

We spoke about three main ideas in building relationships with others.

  1. Reach out to others.
  2. Don't criticize or judge others.
  3. Pray to have more love.

The lesson talked about out gifts and talents and how these are given to help us perfect ourselves and build others. This is our challenge in life. If we don't reach out to others, how will we grow.

A couple of the things that we decided that keep us from reaching out are fear and shyness. The lesson stated that if we are shy, we need to look beyond ourselves and look for the needs of others first. We need to not be so self-conscious but be more conscious of others around us and what we can do to benefit their lives.

So, there's the challenge for this week:

Think of someone with whom you could improve your relationship and figure out what you can do to make that happen. I'd love to hear what you do.


michelle said...

My daughter Sarah is a Mia Maids. I taught the Beehives today. Can you believe we have 19 of them?! Do you have daughter that is YW's too.

I saw your post on Twilight. I really enjoyed it. I did think is was cheesy in some parts though. I loved the ending though, and am looking forward to the next movie! :)

Unknown said...

OK- so I have been thinking I need to reach out to my MIL- she does not reach out to me and makes no effort to cultivate our relationship. In the past years I've decided I wasn't going to put in the effort either. Today I have been composing an e-mail in my mind for thanksgiving- which we will miss because I don't feel like a three hour drive in my 'condition'. I wasn't intent on sending it, until I read your blog post. Thanks-- I sent her an e-mail letting her know I am thankful for her and I love her and look forward to seeing her at Chirstmas. You know what, just saying that might help it come true. Thanks for giving me that tiny push. :o) By the way, I am going to come over one day and spend the day with you-- I don't get enough Julie time at church.

vaxhacker said...

Sounds like a great lesson topic. And egad, how did we end up with that many Laurels? It seems like years ago when I was Sunday School Pres. we had a really large class like that. It was fun seeing that one huge age group move up from year to year (we had to create two classes for them at least one year). Was it a really boring year 16 years ago? Something in the water? :)


that is a great lesson to us all ♥

Julia Shinkle said...

Julie, posted my random quirks : )

Hesses Madhouse said...

Come on over, Megan! I'd love it! I definitely feel the same.

Jen {} said...

That's an awesome lesson! What a great reminder to be less self-conscious and more other conscious! Wow! 19 Laurels and 4 Mia Maids? Amazing.

Jeannie said...

We had that same lesson (By the way I miss hearing your lessons, if only I was allowed to stay) as well. I also think a lot of people can get things out of that lesson, mormon or not. I think there will be a lot learned from that lesson.

I miss having a class with you! :(:(. Have a great thanksgiving!!


P.S. We need to hang out some more!!

Jan said...

That was fantastic Julie. I love how you are teaching these girls the act of loving all children of God. I think this is a great challenge. One that will take some thought. I will think of someone that I could improve a better friendship with. I am always in need of improvement. Good job leader and that is a ton of girls. :)

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