Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Up, So Very Up

Do you ever just sit and realize how many reasons you have to be happy?

Yes, I've been sick lately. I'm usually a pretty healthy person, and I don't enjoy being sick--who does? But, although I felt yucky all day yesterday and woke up this morning feeling it too, I made myself move today. I gave myself something to look forward to before I went to bed last night and made myself do it. Even though it was grocery shopping. By mid-afternoon, I was feeling much better, and I'm grateful for that.

Tonight I'm just happy. I get the feeling that life could not be better. I am blessed daily, so much so, that I feel ashamed that I overlook these blessings more often than I should. I never should. I hope that by mentioning them here, I am not misunderstood. I hope that it comes clear that I am grateful to God. I know from whom these blessings come. I know that He loves me. I know that He wants me to be happy, and I know that he wants me to succeed. I have my trials, but I know He is aware of those too, and He knows what will cause me to grow and improve. I hope I'm handling them as He would have me handle them.

I was driving in the car with the little boys earlier today. I told them that I loved them. I often sing a silly song of my own creation to express this to them. A echoed back my song with his own words. He then added something about how he shouldn't love himself. I stopped him and said, "Oh, no, you have to love yourself. If you love anybody, you must love yourself." I expalined a little of why that was important, and he decided that he really did love himself. I spent too many years of my life not loving myself and feel that it's held me back for years. I hope my children will always love themselves--not in a vain, conceited way, but in a healthy, taking care of themselves way.

Q got home early today. She showed up at 11:30, right as I as arriving home from the grocery store and was just about to walk A to the bus stop. What a treat this was to have her home!

After we walked in from the wait for the bus, I got T down for his nap, and we started in with the Thanksgiving preparations. Q makes amazing fudge. I have NEVER been successful in this (mine always turns out to be ice cream topping), so it's a source of great pride for her. She succeeded again today. We then made the salad, the pies, the cheesecake (which looks soooo yummy)--it has chocolate and caramel ice cream toppings on the top along with mini chocolate chips and pecans. I was surprised it turned out. I used neufchatel and thought this would affect the outcome, but it looks wonderful! Can't wait to have a sliver of it tomorrow.

Anyway, we spent all afternoon in the kitchen. I turned the movie "Hairspray" on my laptop and it played in the background while we baked our little hearts out. So, everything but the rolls are ready. They are still raising even though they're probably ready to go. I guess I'd better get on it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!


CNHGustad said...

Love you Julie!! I am glad you are feeling better. I know what you mean it has been a bad year for me too!! Have a GREAT thanksgiving!!

The Garver Family said...

Thanks for sharing, at least part, of your testimony with us all. I am glad that you feel better. Being sick really sucks.

Jen {} said...

Oh man, there are so many people out there who've been sick! I'm sorry you've been one of them. But what a great testament to your joy and enthusiasm...that's so wonderful to hear. And you are sooo right on...we must love ourselves because if we don't, we truly cannot know how to love others. You're amazing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Alyson said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I think you are totally amazing, finding joy and thanks in the midst of it. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. Ours has been two days of awesome, too. :)

Tonya said...

I love your positive outlook. It is refreshing and uplifting. So, did you really just eat a sliver of that delectable cheesecake?

Darilyn said...

I hope you had a great thanksgiving! I agree with Tonya. I love your positive outlook!

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