Monday, March 28, 2011

21 Months

Today this girl turned 21 months.  She is a joy.  I can't imagine that we thought we were done before she came along.  She just mellows out the whole crew and helps make the madhouse not quite so mad.  She is a huge blessing.

So, now a return to this photo:

If you've been to Oregon, you know what a beautiful state it is.  One thing that makes it beautiful is it's pine trees.  Yes, in #7's hands are pinecones.  They are one of her loves.  When we walk the boys to or from school, she always stops and picks up the cones that have fallen from the neighbor's tree.  She carries them all the way--it's nearly a mile.  Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I end up with a pile of them on my kitchen counter.  She has a specific kind that she likes.  They are only found two doors down from us.  We walk through a forest on our way to school.  There are quite a few douglas firs and a few other kinds but she doesn't stop for these.  It is only this kind:

So, in order to get her to sit for the photo, the kids started handing her pinecones.  It worked for awhile until she saw that they weren't "her" kind.  Funny girl!  Gotta love her!


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