Thursday, March 31, 2011


When I put her to bed last night, #7  reached up and clawed my upper lip.  I'm pretty sure she was just reaching up to touch me, but her nails need to be clipped badly.  Anyway, she drew blood.  I looked in the mirror and this is what it reminded me of.  EWW!

All I need is the toothpick.  If you don't recognize this guy, he's from the movie Uncle Buck--CLASSIC!


Devri said...

lol How many times have we as moms been scratched, head butted, knocked down on accident.. No wonder why the Lord made us out of iron. right?! lol

Julia Shinkle said...

Ouch! Sorry about that...The head butts are the worst. My son headbutted me just this morning as I was waking him up for school.

Thanks again for the little FB chat last night Julie!

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