Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thoughts Too Late

After this last comment, I'm going to leave the events of last weekend's stuff behind me.

It hit me yesterday.  The post I deleted was a CONFESSIONAL!  So, it wasn't like I was saying, "Look at me, and look at what I did.  I'm so proud of myself."

I was saying, "I feel so bad about this.  I wish it hadn't happened."

I wish this would have popped into my brain earlier.

#3 says she has a friend at school who, when she is unhappy with someone, will chant to herself quietly, "I'm a nice person...I'm a nice person,..." instead of telling the person she's unhappy with off.

Wish I would have remembered the wisdom of a 7th grader sooner.


Julia Shinkle said...

Love you...'nuff said!

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