Monday, March 14, 2011

Small, Personalized Miracles

My good friend Becky spoke in church yesterday.   She based her comments on this talk

Here is a short clip of some of its highlights:

As I sat in sacrament meeting yesterday, my mind wandered--not an uncommon occurrence.  I wondered if the Japanese members had had the sacrament passed to them, and I was sure they had.  I thought about the comfort that would be in such a time as this.  I thought about my little boy who was passing positive, upbeat notes with his friend (things like "your AWSSOME), who was sitting down the bench from us, during the meeting, and wondered if there was a similar boy somewhere in that country who had a friend like that to buoy him up.  I hope so.

I realized that tender mercies are available to all of us.  I have no doubt that individuals in Japan are receiving day by day, moment by moment witnesses that God is very much a part of their lives.  That reassures me.  That gives me hope.


Julia Shinkle said...

I was so glad to be in church yesterday too. Your kids are the best who wouldn't love getting a note like that!

vaxhacker said...

A timely and important message. I wish I could have been at church to hear her talk.

Unknown said...

Wow.. That is a wonderful message

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