Thursday, March 24, 2011

Terrible Shopper

I took my two eldest daughters shopping yesterday.  Funny thing...they still ask me to go with them.  Yes, I'm the driver, and they could just ask me to drop them off.  They knew they would be spending their own money, so it was for that reason either.  Could it be that they still like having me around?  If not, don't burst my bubble, okay?

We went to all the shops they wanted to go to along with a few of my choice.  As we walked into Hollister, my oldest leaned over to me and whispered, "Welcome to Hollister.  Would you like a flashlight?"  It was that dark in there.

The best deals for the girls were found in Aeropostale.  We found hoodies for $10.  We bought three.  One for each of them and a guys hoodie for #2.

I spent some time in The Childrens Place.  I found little boys' sweaters for $3.  I bought two for #7.  Yes, she is a girl, but they were just girly enough that they could pass, and how could I say no to $3?  I also found sunglasses for kids for $3, so I bought two pairs.

For me, we went to Coldwater Creek and Van Heusen.  In both stores I found shirts I liked and wanted.  They were both on sale, but I couldn't get myself to buy them.  Both shirts were white.  Both had kind of a wrap effect to them.  I tried on the one in Coldwater Creek in a medium.  It was a little large--I was shocked, but I couldn't get myself to go to a small.  I just don't think this will last.  It's also interesting that I only choose white and black.  I've GOT to break out of my comfort zone.

Some people use retail therapy to work through hard times.  I need therapy to learn how to shop again.  My other bad habit with shopping is if I pick something for myself that I like and walk around the store with it for too long, I will talk myself out of it.  If it's for me, it doesn't matter if it's $6, I will talk myself right out of it  and put it back on the rack.  Pathetic!

So, I left with nothing for  myself but something for everybody else.  Is someone out there willing to teach a poor pathetic case like me to shop again?  I need some serious help.


Crazymamaof6 said...

Too bad you don't live closer. I could totally help you out.

Think of it like this. You buy something you like and need. It fits great. Is the right price or even more than you normally spend. It's a well made classic in a quality fabric.

How often do/would you wear it? For how many years? If it's a good quality classic you'll wear it tons. For years. How much does each wearing break down to? A buck or two? A few cents? Think of it that way. And just do it.

You are worth it. You should be able to dress well and feel good about how you look. Do it. Every season.

It makes way more sense than buying kids clothes you might get a season out of. They stain them, rip them, outgrow everything.

There you go. I can always rationalize buying a little something for myself.

Of course it's sometimes easier and more fun to spend$ on my kids instead of embracing my reality.

Hesses Madhouse said...

Thank you Julie! That puts it into better perspective for me.

John said...

I am like you. I cringe buying myself pants at the thrift store for $6. But I get excited when jeans are on sale for $10 at Children's Place and buy all of my kids 2 new pairs.

Michelle H said...

Oh, I am the same as you! I always buy only solid color cotton clothes. Every time I go shopping I repeat to myself over and over that today I'm only looking for something with a pattern on it. My eye is always drawn straight to the solid colors, though. Even if I find a pattern or something a little more interesting, I never walk out with it. I've left work for a lot of retail workers that have to rehang the beautiful items I leave at the checkout stand.

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