Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Way to Help....Finally!

I've been trying to find a way to help.  Just received this from a dear friend, so here it is....
"[An] LDS Bishop... in Gresham, works for a company that has a factory in Shirakawa, Japan.  It is in the Fukushima Prefecture (made famous for the nuclear reactor catastrophe).  Virtually everyone at the plant was impacted by the earthquake and tsunami.  A number of employees are missing family members. 
"[This] company is sending a shipment of food and supplies on April 4th to Shirakawa.  He has room for 1,000 quilts.  These will be distributed to the Japanese people who don't have heat or other supplies needed for their winter season. 
"If you would like to donate a blanket or comforter for him to take,
  • New or nearly new quilts and blankets.
  • Twin, double or queens. Random sizes are fine too-- just not too small. The size of a throw is too small.
  • Each quilt and blanket must be put in a plastic bag.
  • Please donate items that will provide warmth, no thin blankets.
  • Flannel quilts or comforters would be perfect, as would other warm homemade quilts, double sided polar fleece blankets and wool blankets.
  • Sleeping bags are welcomed too.
"To make a quilt, use two flat flannel or cotton-poly sheets all together with batting, leaving one short end open  2.turn like a pillowcase the open end closed 4.tie the quilt with crochet thread. This can be done in a day (or less if you're good).

"If you  buy a blanket or comforter. Andy and Bax on Grand Ave has wool blankets for $25. Stores such as Kohl's, Walmart, Big Lots and Target have blankets and comforters.  Fred Meyers has any size  polar fleece blankets for $12.99 (reg 19.99)

"Inexpensive, rectangular (non-mummy) style  sleeping bags used to be $20 or so at some seasonal camping supply places. (Costco, Bi Mart, Fred Meyers).  The price maybe higher since I last bought some but the heavier, simple ones are relatively cheap.

"Wrap them in love.  Attach a note to each quilt or blanket, letting the recipient know that you care, are thinking of them, and are praying for them.

"If you would like to make such a donation, please have your items ready no later than Wednesday, MARCH 30th.  The shipment is LEAVING on the 4th.   I need to get the blankets to their central location early enough for them to be prepared and packed into the plane."
If you can help, please leave a comment or email me.


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