Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I bought pansies today at Costco.  They were an assortment of the dark purple, the blue-ish (which I love) and the light yellow ones.  I went and bought pots for them too, but on my way into the store where I bought the pots, guess what....They had more pansies--the pinkish ones.  So I bought them too.

I'm now feeling very springish.  They make me happy.

Before we went to pick up the boys from school, I pulled off some of the dead blossoms.  #7 wanted them, so I gave them to her.  She carried them all the way up and all the way back from the school.  There were a few times she thought she'd dropped one, so she'd stop, look around, shrug and say, "Where he go?"  But she made it all the way back to the house with her tight little handful of dead flowers.

That girl loves nature...Even dead nature.


Alida B. said...

OH! I love the pansies...its yucky and rainy here today and the picture of you pretty little flowers jsut brightened my day.

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