Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dinner Broken Down

We did a little computing last night and came to the realization that we paid $1.42 per person for dinner last night.  The amazing thing...we were all full when we were done.  Yippeeee!!!

I think I've finally, I know it takes some of us longer than others, figured out how to do the menu/coupon/shopping thing.  I figure out the coupon deals first, create the menu from that and then make the shopping list.  I create my menu based on what's for sale and what I have coupons for.  I then fill in the blanks and create the shopping list

For example, last night's dinner was two of each of these:

.99 at Fred Meyer last week (I bought four)

Approx. .75 on sale with a coupon (purchased awhile ago)

On sale for $3.99 plus a $1 off coupon for each

3/$5 so $1.67 on sale

 We put the meat on the bread, cut it into pieces for each person and sauce to dip in.  It was delicious!

Tonight is tacos.  We are on a total taco kick.  I make them at least twice a month if not more frequently than that.  You can't lose with tacos.  Just got the beef for $3 per package.  I buy and prepare two of everything.  I got the taco seasoning for .42.  I got the lettuce for .99, and the cheese for $1.  The tortillas were $1.99 for 10.  I figure salsa and sour cream were roughly $4 when figured together, so this alone is less than $2 per person, but rarely do we only eat one taco, so it'll end up being about $4 per person.  Still much better than eating out if you ask me.  Wait....no, it's not!  Taco Bell's soft taco supreme is cheaper than this.  What am I doing?!  We should go out!


LeAnn said...

Perhaps, I should start using menu's and coupons. I have been thinking about it. I spend way too much money for just two people. I am going to ponder on this one.
Thanks for sharing! LeAnn

Tiff said...

I have been trying sooo hard to use coupons..I tend to forget them sometimes at home though..lol...but I am trying to cook from scratch more and use live food...which live food can be expensive but worth it!
I have found a few very cheap meals that my children all love which is hard to do..but I am always searching for more!
Good luck on your coupons...
I think there is a new show starting called extreme coupon or something like that...it should be starting this week or next week...hope it will give me some secrets!

btw you have a beautiful family! :O)

Unknown said...

What a thrifty, noble woman you are. It is such a wonderful feeling to be a good steward of the resources God provides. I know your family appreciates not only the savings, but your ability to provide some of the favorite meals this way.


I have ran into your name from time to time as well. You look like you have an amazing family. I am a big coupon/deal shopper myself as well. Love good deals that help save money for my growing family.

Beka said...

Hahaha! I love the whole inmate thing! Very clever!

I stopped by to say thanks for visiting me, and I leave here in awe and wonder at all you do!

Tonya said...

I have been struggling with the whole couponing thing. I felt like I was getting pretty good at it and then BOOM, we went over budget on groceries last month and we're still trying to recover this month. I think part if the problem is I LOVE to cook and I like to be creative and use interesting ingredients. How to incorporate that with couponing I have no clue. And I did break down and buy the Disney Chicken nuggets at Costco. Little splurges like that don't help with the budget either. I think I need some couponing lessons.

Devri said...

I am the worst coupon chick around. I should be fired from living in coupon world. blah teach me! :)

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