Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simpler with Seven

Years and years ago, we decided to expand some of our entertainment horizons and turned our kids onto musicals.  It all started with The Music Man.  I remember #2 as a toddler saying, "When the man dances, certainly boys, what else, the piper pays him.  Yessir!  Yessir!"  Of course, it didn't sound much like that, but because we were so familiar with the show, we knew exactly what he was trying to say.  Here's that little link (plus some) for your viewing pleasure:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has become a big favorite.  The kids used to choose which brother they were--when we had six.  Everybody fought over who got to be Frank.  This is the first time we've seen it since we've had seven kids.  It became easy to decide who was whom.  No fighting.  No arguing.  The kids sang along to every song, but this is our favorite.  Enjoy!

I couldn't get the video to embed, so the link is what you get.  Sorry.


Corinne and Jason Ritz said...

Very awesome! We LOVE watching musicals with our kids too. And we also love the soundtracks to play on roadtrips or while we clean the house. Things go faster when your singing along to your favorite show tunes.

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