Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Caught for Posterity

Yesterday, when we were in the car with my mother by marriage and were talking about Dog, I came to realize that we, as a family, have our own little sub-culture.  We have our inside jokes, our own language, etc.  Sometimes it can be rather disturbing.

My mother by marriage volunteers at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum one afternoon a week.  We went there today for the first time.  It was such a great place.  I love stuff like that.

While upstairs, we were walking along looking at some old school photos. We stopped in front of a photo of a basketball team from sometime around the 1930s.  Our older kids were already there--laughing.  Amongst the chuckling, I caught the words "fly open."  Sure enough...last kid on the right--unzipped.

Just now, we were sitting at dinner, and my mother by marriage wanted to know how our trip was at the museum and what we thought of it.  First thing shared, of course...that photograph.  Not only did the kids mention it to her, #2 opens his cell phone AND...he had taken a picture of it!  Can you believe it?!  He actually flipped open his phone and took a picture.  Now grandma has proof.

How'd you like to be caught for posterity with your fly unzipped?  Ugh!  Poor kid!  Then to have some 15-year-old punk catch you again on his cell phone?  That's downright disturbing, but somehow, it defines our culture--just slightly twisted.


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