Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Wouldn't've Imagined

I had to do a double contraction in the title.  The thought of putting two apostrophes in one word was just too exciting.  Well, there you go.  That's the thrill of my day.  Well, except for that trip to Ikea.

Life is kind of boring lately.  I went to a church meeting the other night where they talked about reducing stress.  They said it was important to make time for yourself, and I realized that I'm afraid to do for myself.  My dumb reason is that I'm afraid that whatever I choose to do, I'll get carried away and I'll lose balance.  Well, in reality, what I have right now is not balance.  It's called a rut, and I'm not really loving it.  So, the Ikea trip was my way of getting some kind of balance.  I had to get out of my house for more than just running my kids to school or track practice or whatever else they might be involved in.  I needed to get out to do something I consider fun...and it was!

Okay, so back to the title (outside of the apostrophe thing)....I've been reading the David Archuleta biography (autobiography?).  I never would've thought that I would like it.  It was kind of slow starting.  I was making myself read it.  At some point, however, probably right about the time he went to Hollywood for the first time, I got interested.  His life became interesting.  I'm finding that I relate to this kid.  His lack of confidence in his own abilities.  His shock at finding that value in his own abilities.  I'm loving his success story.  I'm not done with it yet, but I sure am enjoying it.

Oh, and when he mentioned how much he loved Portland, Oregon, I became a fan.  I'm with him!


Tracy said...

We as mother's take on the world. We do have to make time for us. I know it is hard to do sometimes.
Actually my girls remind me to do this. But sometimes I feel I am going to miss out on something if I'm not around. Silly I know.

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