Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What is This?

I knelt down this morning and put my head on the floor (lazy man prayer position).  Can you kind of get this picture?  After a bit of time, this strange sensation like a wave, came washing through my body and up toward my head.  As it got to its climax, it "crashed" in my brain almost like a real wave.  It made me jolt when it happened.

I'm now very dizzy and disoriented.

Has anyone else ever had this happen?  This is not a first for me.  It's happened at least one other time, but a long time ago and after the "crash" the effects were short lived.  For this one, it's been about a half hour now since it happened.  I'm still feeling funky.

I'm guessing the answer is I'm too old to do that any more, and I need to not put my head on the floor and not be so lazy as I'm praying.  Would you agree?

I'm just concerned now because, after getting myself back into bed, I can't lift my head off the pillow without complete disorientation.


Julia Shinkle said...

I haven't ever had that happen. I hope you are ok. And I would love to get together and talk.

Unknown said...

yes I have

Wendie Richardson said...

Ok, to me that sounds like VERTIGO... I had it for about a week. I felt that way in bed, and one day as I tilted my head while watching TV my head felt like it was shaking from side to side violently.(it wasn't!) The doctor said there are little tiny "beads" in your inner ear, and sometimes they fall out of the hair folicles and drop into another. That causes the sensations. Mine was the shaking. Just a thought. Love you...get better.

Hesses Madhouse said...

Wendie - Hmm. Yes, that sounds like it might be.

Dave - Tell me more. What happened, what did you do about it?

Julia - Let's do it!

Jen said...

Interesting. It does sound like vertigo, which is caused by an inner ear thing. I hope you're doing okay!? Guess it was a little reminder to get off your head and onto your knees ;0)

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