Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love My Ward!

The Warden and I ran away for the weekend.  It's our six month get-away.  We left the kids in charge of themselves.  This morning, we return home to see if things are still standing.  When we called last night, #2 told me that #3 had cleaned the kitchen beautifully.  When it comes right down to it, in my mind, if the kitchen is clean, the whole house is clean, since that's where I spend the majority of my time.  #3 can clean that kitchen like no other.

Monday is the Warden and my anniversary--19 years!  I know...the man's a saint.

The first evening we were gone, I watched a news broadcast in which a geologist (who had been right on previous predictions) said there would be a major earthquake on the west coast of the United States between the 19th and 21st.  I watched that on the 18th.  Here I was away from my kids.  Ugh!

I don't believe everything I see and hear, I promise, but be honest, wouldn't that make you a little nervous too?

On Friday, I had told some of the people in our ward that we'd be gone.  As the weekend progressed, one friend called the kids to let them know he was around if they needed anything.  Another friend actually stopped by the house while she was out running around yesterday.  Wow!  I have great friends!  It's so nice to know that if I wasn't around, there would be those who would care for my kids.  So reassuring!

Months ago, the Warden signed us up to volunteer in the temple.  Yesterday was that opportunity, so as part of our weekend get-away, we went to the temple.  We got to work in the cafeteria.  The Warden did dishes, and I got to work the "front line."  I have to be honest, I didn't love it.  I much prefer doing the dishes.  I have this perfectionist attitude and am scared of messing up in front of everybody.  They told me that a ward was coming in at 5pm, so we should be ready before and after that session for an onslaught of people.

At 7-ish, the people came, but it was my own ward.  PHEW!  I hadn't connected the fact that my ward had temple night and that the 5pm session would be them.  It was JOYFUL to serve them.  Nice to know that if I screwed up, they'd be forgiving.  Although I know the other people who came through would have been equally forgiving, these were people I knew would joke around with me about it.

I feel blessed to be in such a marvelous ward.  It's perfect for us.


Janiece said...

That is the amazing thing about ward families.
I hope you had a great time.

PS I feel honored to be on your side bar.

Julia Shinkle said...

How nice it must have been to get away. By the way your blog looks so pretty! I love it!

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