Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Luncheon

It was such a nice day.  I have to be really honest (HaHa as if that were something new), I was expecting today's festivities to be a bit hoity toity.  They were not at all.  The women with American Mothers, Inc. were very down to earth.

They began the meeting with a prayer and recited a pledge, which gave me goosebumps.  I loved hearing everything they stand for.  I feel strongly to align my life and the way I work with my family with those standards.

We watched this video:

After the video, we were each given a moment to introduce ourselves.  I was the second person to stand up, and I really didn't know what to say, but I mentioned my children and how in the past year we've gone through everything from diaper changes to driving lessons.  I don't remember what else I said, but I hope it wasn't dumb, and if it was, I hope no one remembers it.  The low point of this part was a woman who got up and went on and on about the public schools and what they're teaching.  The friend sitting next to me is also the wife of a school administrator.  I could feel her vibe matching mine.  It seemed clear that the woman speaking really didn't have a clue what she was talking about and that she was going extremely to the negative when there are so many good things going on in public schools as well.  She had some very valid points also.  She said we could no longer just be who we are, we must be active.  With that, I agree.

Like this--add whipped cream and raspberry on top
We had a very nice lunch of chicken pasta salad, fruit salad and breadsticks.  We had cupcakes for dessert.  They were removed from the wrapper, cut in half, filled with a raspberry cream and topped with whipped cream and a fresh raspberry.  Very yummy.  Isn't it funny that I give you the specifics of dessert? 

We were encouraged to prepare a portfolio.  Sounds like an amazing experience.  I think I'll do it.

That was pretty much the day.  It was nice.  The women were people to be admired and emulated.  I felt blessed to sit among them just to hear them talk and learn from them.


Lynda said...

weird that you felt my "vibe" but your right! ( the women was a little off track) and thanks for journaling this day now i don't have to:) PS when you submit you portpholio i would so vote for you to be Miss America!!! thanks for letting me share in this experience with you YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOTHER

Tonya said...

Sounds lovely! I'm glad it wasn't scary:)

Alyson said...

Don't we always tell our children to choose their associates wisely? Sometimes our job is to raise others up; sometimes, our job is to surround ourselves with people who will raise us. The wonderful thing about this Young American Mother thing is it sounds like it is both things wrapped into one.

Julia Shinkle said...

I think what you said about the diapers and drivers lessons was cute! It must have been nice to have been served lunch and a cupcake...my favorite...I love hearing the food details. I'm glad you had fun.

Jen said...

Sounds wonderful! And think of all the neat people you will become friends with along the way! That gal's "speech" sort of reminded me of how some testimony meetings go! Haha.

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