Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prayers Please

Tonight I checked on the status of my friend Mayumi who left the United States and returned home to Yamagata, Japan the day of the earthquake (obviously not knowing it was going to happen).  She is coming back to her husband and the U.S. tomorrow.  Would you please add to your prayers a plea for her and her baby son's safe return and for her family as she leaves them in Japan.

This was her status on Thursday:
"Got scared from an aftershock (magnitude was about 6.5) this evening. I packed stuff in my backpack after that. I really pray that we can travel safely on April 8....We really need your prayers. The frequency of aftershocks are decreasing, but we still have them every day. I have heard that the initial earthquake lasted about 5 minutes, and my parents barely could stand while it happend although my hometown is about 200 miles away from the epicenter. Thankfully, only about 100 houses were destructed and only 1 death in my hometown, Yamagata prefecture. The next prefecture is Miyagi (Sendai), and already close to 6,000 death, and 10,000 collapsed buildings."


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