Thursday, March 31, 2011


I went to get all the fixin's for Conference weekend.  There are certain foods and traditions we keep every year.  After I unloaded the car and was putting things away in the pantry, the doorbell rang.   #6 and #7 both ran to get it.  I heard a very familiar woman's voice say, "Hello.  Is your momma here?"

When I got up the stairs and looked toward the door, it was one of those double-take experiences that life sometimes hands you.  There stood my friend, Heather, from way back when #2 was just a baby.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I haven't seen her since then; although, I send her a Christmas card (and receive one from her) every year.

I ran to the door and threw my arms around her.  What a GREAT surprise!  She happened to be in the neighborhood and brought my address with her.  She now lives about an hour away, so it was a wonderful treat to get to see her and visit with her for a few moments.

I LOVE this kind of stuff!  It's been such a good day so far.


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